THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF presents "QUICKIES" in collaboration with SCRUFF



Very soon.


It all started when…

I had just gotten on the Scruff dating app about 3 years ago when I was living abroad, after a long break from being on any apps at all. I chose Scruff as my goto dating site but I wasn't particularly looking just for the random hook up. I wanted to try using the site as a dating tool, using its dating functionalities like "Match" and "Venture" for meeting guys and asking fellas on dinner dates, and of course to cook for them. After about a few days of being on the app, I met this hunky wonderful guy on there and invited him over for a nice romantic meal a few days later. I think he was surprised by the effort I was putting into it because he was probably used to just being taken to a restaurant. Long story short, I clearly made the right choice and an impression because we ended up dating and becoming boyfriends for almost 2 years, proof positive that these gestures count. So, if i could do it, i thought why not tell the world its possible to meet a quality long lasting partner on Scruff using this technique. Thus, "Quickies" was conceived. The concept was to do a new series of shorter cooking videos where I cook (naked of course) for dates of my own or help special guests cook for their dates. We meals that are quick and easy but taste sophistcated and look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen to impress them with skills.  So with out further ado, I am proud to present, coming very soon, a fun, new format where I have on surprise special celebrity guests come into my kitchen and add a little humor and help to my new "Quickies" recipes. I hope you all enjoy. Its a real hoot.

- XO Adrian