Pappardelle with Bacon & Peas

Episode 3, Season 1

Recipe serves 4-6 people 



3 strips of thick cut bacon

1 package of pappardelle pasta (egg or semolina)

1/2 chopped sweet or yellow onion

3/4-1/2 cup of english peas (fresh or thawed frozen)

2 whole cloves garlic

1 cup of strained tomato (unseasoned)

1/4 cup of water

1/2 cup of heavy or whipping cream

4-5 fresh basil leaves

1/4 cup or grated parmigiano reggiano

olive oil

1/4 teaspoon of chili pepper flakes

kosher or sea-salt




In a large pot, begin to boil 1 gallon of cold water on high heat. 

Cut bacon into 1/2 inch square pieces. Dice onion into 1/4 inch pieces.

In a large saute pan, heat enough olive oil to almost coat the bottom of the pan over medium/medium high heat. Wait a few minutes for the oil to heat up, then add the bacon. Saute for a few minutes until fat is rendered. Add the chili flakes, stir in with the bacon and cook for a few more minutes. When bacon is almost cooked, add the garlic and onion into the pan. Move it all around the pan until the onion becomes cooked and translucent. Add ground pepper to taste. Then add the tomato, stir and add the water to thin out sauce. Season with about a few pinches of salt, or to taste. Lower heat to medium/medium low and cook for 5 minutes uncovered. Add the peas and stir. Cook an additional 2-3 minutes. Remove whole garlic cloves and discard.

Add about 3 tablespoons (a palm full) of salt to the boiling water. Add pasta and cook according to directions on package to Al Dente. (usually about 7-8 minutes for semolina, 4-5 for egg pasta). Leave the pot lid off while it cooks.

While the pasta cooks add cream and incorporate it until sauce turns a pink color.

When ready, drain the pasta in a colander and add to the sauce stir so that sauce marries with the pasta (about 1 min on low heat). Add half of the parmigiano, stir into the pasta and sauce and remove from heat. Plate the pasta, garnish with the rest of cheese finely chopped basil. Serve and enjoy!