Adrian De Berardinis


In order to satisfy my craving to travel and explore new global cuisines, I created a new series called THE BEAR-NAKED CHEF: TRAVEL EDITION, so I can take you on the road with me on my culinary journey...But where should I go?...

Well, I've have had a yearning to go back to Europe for a long while and to dive deeper into international foods. So, I decided to begin my tour in Madrid where i lived for one month to study the Madrileno culture, taste and learn about it's authentic recipes and live like its people do. 

But my adventure only begins in Madrid...on the weekends I travelled to other countries like Portugal and France, and Germany, as I had to take advantage of their proximity. No doubt, these places are rich in gastronomic history and local delicacies. I was truly orgasmic with my indulgences.

So, the result is this: I bring you on my journey, by taking you out of my bear-naked kitchen to show you what treasures I've found, then strip down and invite you to cook the recipes of each city that I've learned with me in my Madrid kitchen, bear-naked-style of course, just as you're accustomed to.

I hope you enjoy this delicious ride with me.

Enjoy the feast! XO



Photo by Horacio Alcala