Adrian De Berardinis


Have you ever woken up in the morning, headed straight to the kitchen, and made breakfast NAKED? I have....

My name is Adrian De Berardinis and honestly, FOOD IS LOVE!!! Moreover, FOOD IS SEXY!!!

Growing up in a foodie household, I began cooking at the age of 8, cultivating my passion for authentic Italian cuisine, learning from the loving and masterful hands of my grandmother and mother. By age 11, I had the privilege of working in our family-owned pizzerias and restaurants which honed my kitchen and cooking skills. I specialize in authentic regional Italian dishes because of it, but my exploration doesn’t stop there, as I experiment with other tastes from across the globe. I also love to cook a dish upon request and make it the ultimate version of what you've imagined or remembered.

When I cook, I am transported to a plane where nothing else exists or matters. It's my mediation, my therapy. And once I'm in the zone,  it becomes a game of the senses. It is my world to explore, taste, see, feel, experience and ultimately share.

It’s a sensual journey for me: from selecting the perfect and freshest ingredients, to the preparation with attention and care, to the sexy plating of what I've prepared, as you already know, we eat also, with our eyes....

Once again, Food is just sexy! One of my earliest recollections of it in a sensual context was that iconic scene in 9 1/2 Weeks, where Micky Rourke feeds Kim Bassinger on the floor in her kitchen in front of the open fridge ...the penultimate food orgy in cinematic form.

So, it made sense that cooking naked was something to take the experience to another level for me, and my viewers. And I offer these dishes and instructional videos in its rawest form to you, stripped down, easy to follow, and simply delicious.

- Enjoy the feast XO